The Story of JJ Hightail | Direct General Auto Insurance

JJ Hightail is a former professional racecar driver. He grew up in the sweet little town of Shockey, Tennessee, to which he credits his charm, boyish figure, and passion for racing anything with wheels.

Always a trailblazer, JJ's rural beginnings paved the way for many accomplishments on and off the track. He has a collection of Last Place trophies and is credited with inventing the flame-retardant Mustache Protector™ after a particularly nasty turkey frying accident that left JJ feeling "naked".

Here are some of JJ's other stats:

Date of Birth:

Favorite Food:
Tropical Fruit, Chips & Salsa

Favorite Fancy Sit-Down Restaurant:
Waffle House

Clowns & Mathematics

Favorite Race Track:
Shockey Bumper Car Track

Professional Racing Sportsmanship Award ('95)
Most Explosions on and off the track ('94)

Credit Score:
"Not good - at all"

Art of Dance, Car Insurance Savings

Mustache Protector™, Cargo-Jean Shorts

If I was a bird I would be:
An American Bald Eagle (but not actually bald)

JJ is currently a "professional" spokesperson for Direct Auto Insurance and enjoys taking Direct Auto customers to Savings Town, via the scenic route.