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Driving Tips for Young Drivers

Young Driver Learning How to Drive

While having a driver’s license is a symbol of freedom, it also carries with it a good bit of responsibility. When you’re on the road you’re responsible for your car, your safety, and doing your best to keep other drivers and pedestrians safe as well.

Finding Your First Car

You want your first car to represent your personality, but still be affordably priced and easy to maintain. Most importantly, you (and your parents) want your first car to be safe. With the driving tendencies and needs of a teen in mind, the Institute of Highway Safety (IIHS) compiled a list of the safest used vehicles under $10,000.

Teaching Your Teen to Drive

Car crashes are the #1 killer of teens and take about 3,000 young lives every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Since new drivers lack experience behind the wheel, they’re more likely to get in a car accident than a more seasoned driver. Involved adults, however, can make all the difference in a new driver’s first few years on the road. Here is a brief overview of our tips for teaching your teen to drive:

  • Lead by example. Drive how you expect them to drive! Don’t talk on the phone, speed, or make any illegal maneuvers.
  • Let them practice. The CDC suggests providing at least 30-50 hours of supervised driving practice over at least six months.
  • Set boundaries. Clarify who is responsible for filling up the tank, how often they’re allowed to borrow the car, and how many passengers are allowed in the vehicle.
  • Purchase car insurance for your teen driver. Talk to your insurance company about adding your teen to your current policy and taking advantage of a Good Student Discount.

Finding the Best Auto Insurance for Young Drivers

“What’s the best insurance for a young driver?” It’s a common question with many answers. For some drivers, finding cheap car insurance is their number one priority. For others, it’s finding the most complete coverage, which usually includes comprehensive and collision coverage, at a rate they feel is affordable.

Either way, it helps to know that you have options when looking into car insurance for inexperienced drivers. The cost of auto insurance for a new driver can vary from company to company depending on the driver’s location, gender, type of vehicle, and the amount of coverage desired.

Lowering Your Insurance Premium

Although insurance premiums are typically higher for new and less experienced drivers, there are ways you can help make auto insurance for a young driver more affordable. Start with the type of vehicle they’re going to be driving. Look for safety features like automatic seatbelts, traction control, airbags, and anti-lock brakes, which could all potentially lower your insurance rates. A sports car or high performance vehicle will tend to have a higher insurance rate.

Also, maintain a good driving record by avoiding tickets, accidents, and driving penalties.

Car Insurance for College Students

Since states differ in their minimum coverage requirements for car insurance, students attending school outside of their home state should talk to their car insurance company about maintaining the right coverage while away from home.

Comparing Insurance Companies

When it comes to getting car insurance for your teen driver, look for a provider that offers multiple ways to contact them, like Direct Auto. Direct Auto is available online, over the phone, and in stores across the southeastern U.S. Beyond comparing the price of coverage, take note of the company’s extra services, like customizable payment plans and online interactive tools.