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Tennessee Car Insurance Laws

If you're a Tennessee driver, there are certain minimum motor vehicle financial responsibility requirements you need to meet. Sounds like pretty heavy stuff, but all that means is that in order to drive legally, you’re required to have a certain amount of car or motorcycle insurance. Every state has its own minimum financial responsibility requirements, so if you move out of Tennessee or are new to the state, you’ll want to call your insurance company to make sure your coverage matches your state’s requirements.

Not sure if you meet the state's requirements? Don't know where to get affordable Tennessee auto insurance? Check out our guide to Tennessee car insurance laws so you can stay legal on the road.

What are Tennessee's car insurance requirements?

All Tennessee drivers must adhere to state laws about car insurance. This means purchasing, at minimum, two types of coverage for your insurance plan: Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage Liability. You'll also need to keep proof of insurance in each of your vehicles at all times.

Here's what you need to know about Tennessee car insurance state minimums.

What is Bodily Injury Liability (BIL) Coverage? Bodily Injury Liability helps pay for medical and legal protection in the event that you or another insured on your policy cause bodily injury to another person while operating your vehicle. You'll need coverage of, at minimum $25,000 to cover injury or death to any one person that results from an auto accident, and $50,000 to cover injuries to or death of more than one person resulting from an auto accident.

What is Property Damage Liability (PDL) Coverage? Property Damage Liability helps pay for damage to another person's property caused while operating your vehicle. This covers damage to property such as vehicles, poles, fences, etc. You'll need coverage of at least $15,000 for property damage for one accident.

The “limit” for both these types of coverage is the maximum amount your insurance company will pay. Read more about Tennessee’s financial responsibility laws, access SR-22 forms, and review the penalties for violating these laws on TN’s Department of Safety site.

What if I don't meet Tennessee state laws on car insurance?

Without proof of insurance, you won't be able to register your vehicle. And unfortunately, if you get pulled over and don't meet state minimums, you could face serious repercussions. Failure to provide evidence of financial responsibility is a Class C misdemeanor and is punishable by a fine of not more than $100.00. One the State is notified of this conviction, your driver’s license is also suspended, reports Tennessee’s Department of Safety.

Where can I get Tennessee car insurance?

Whether you just need to meet Tennessee state minimums for car insurance, or you want more coverage to account for unexpected scenarios and expenses, you should find a car insurance provider that will work with you to get the right coverage for your circumstances.

Direct Auto & Life Insurance has the coverage and services you need, plus great customer service, to help you stay within your budget and prepare for the unexpected. With insurance discounts, customizable payment plans, and more, Tennessee drivers can count on Direct Auto & Life Insurance to keep them covered. Contact your nearest Tennessee Direct office or call 1-877-GO-DIRECT to get started on your free insurance quote.

Need More Information?

If you still have questions, would like to learn about other Tennessee auto insurance options like UM coverage, or if you would like to get an affordable auto insurance quote, contact Direct Auto Insurance: online, over the phone at 1-877-GO DIRECT (1-877-463-4732), or at one of our office locations.

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