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Why Direct

Why Choose Direct Auto and Life Insurance?

Finding affordable auto, life, and motorcycle insurance doesn’t have to be difficult. At Direct Auto and Life Insurance you can get the coverage you need at a fair price. Whether you’re customizing your payment schedule, your level of coverage, or your additional benefits to better fit your budget, you have choices at every bend in the road. We’re committed to serving our customers at Direct Auto and Life Insurance. Here’s how:

Low Rates

  • Get a low rate, regardless of your credit or driving history.*
  • You're in control of your payments. You can decide the amount of your down payment, which in turn determines your monthly cost. We make it easy for you to match your insurance plan and payment with your budget. 

Great Service

  • We live and work in your neighborhood, and will always provide you with the honest, fair, and sincere service you deserve from your insurance company.
  • With friendly representatives available online, over the phone, or in person, we provide help every step of the way, whether you're renewing your policy or getting a free quote.


  • Customize your payment plan so you can pick your pay date and how you want to make your payments.** No checking account or credit card required.
  • All drivers are welcome to apply for coverage, even those who may be considered "high-risk," may not be accepted by other insurance companies, or who are in need of SR-22 certifications.
  • Visit us in one of our more than 400 store locations, give us a call, or go online whenever you need to. We're pretty easy to get in touch with!

Want to learn more? Read more about Direct Auto's history and philosophy.

      *Rates and savings vary. **Payment plans are subject to terms and conditions and may not be available in all locations. Price may vary based on how you buy. Not all products, discounts, or pay plans are available in all states. Insurance is underwritten or administered by members of the Direct General Group, Nashville, TN.

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