Disaster Emergency

Please note, depending on the hurricane’s path, our store locations may have limited hours of operation.

During this difficult time, our thoughts and best wishes are with those adversely impacted.

Here are a few tips to keep you safe should you experience flooding.

  1. Don’t try to drive through standing water or streets that are flooded. You can never tell how deep the water is and many deaths occur every year due to drivers attempting to drive through flooded areas. Contrary to what you might think, cars can be quickly swept away in fast moving flash floods.
  2. Park your car on high ground if possible. If there is a flood threat, try to find higher ground to park your car. It may be in your yard or any other legal space to park, but try to avoid low-lying areas that are prone to flooding.
  3. Don't try to start your car if it has been flooded. Starting a flooded car can result in floodwater being sucked into the engine which can ruin the vehicle mechanically.


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