Renting Cars & Insurance

If you’re heading out on trip with a rental car, or arriving to pick one up in a different city, you want to know what to expect while driving a company’s car.

Rental Insurance

You may wonder whether you need the rental insurance the car rental agency offers, or how much it is, when you have your own car insurance policy. Here is some information about rental insurance to help you decide whether to buy the coverage or not.

Why you may not need the extra coverage

  • You have comprehensive and collision coverage that covers rentals, call your insurance provider to verify your coverage

  • The credit card you use for the rental car covers car rentals

Why you may want rental coverage

  • If you’re driving out of the country and your car insurance policy does not adhere to that country’s car insurance requirements

  • Stolen personal items out of rental cars such as laptops and iPods are only covered by homeowner’s and rental insurance policies, which may have a higher deductible

  • You could be responsible for costs accrued during repairs in the event of an accident that was your fault in the rental car

  • You will still be responsible for the deductible on your car insurance if you get into an accident in a rental car

Tickets in rental cars

Getting a ticket on a trip may seem unlikely, but driving an unfamiliar car in an unfamiliar city could make getting a ticket easier. So what are the repercussions of getting a ticket in a rental car?

  • Speeding or other traffic violations go on your driver’s license and will not affect your car rental.

  • Parking tickets are given under the rental car’s information. If you receive a parking ticket with your rental car, contact the rental car company to ensure you work together with the payment and processing of the ticket. They could charge a fee because the car now has a parking ticket on its record.

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Renting Cars and Insurance