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Having a safe holiday on the road

Tips to have a safe Thanksgiving holiday on the road

Road Closures on a Holiday Weekend

Many families will be hitting the road on Thanksgiving weekend in order to celebrate the holiday with family. This can be a great time, but there are some things that need to be taken into consideration when venturing out on a trip. By taking measures to ensure the excursion goes smoothly, a driver may have a better chance to get to and from their destinations without a hitch.

Watch out for other drivers
One of the biggest issues on the road during a holiday weekend is dealing with other drivers. Even if a motorist practices safe driving themselves, they can be at risk of an accident due to these unpredictable situations.

  • Drive slowly - It is important that motorists avoid speeding during the busy holiday travel season. This is due to a heightened chance of collisions from the elevated number of other vehicles on the road.
  • Pay attention to traffic - Traffic can become difficult to maneuver through, and drivers may come up on it without much warning. Because of this, it is important to anticipate these situations. By taking these measures into account, it is possible that it will be easier to avoid fender benders, or other types of accidents.
  • Act defensively - In general, it is a good idea to practice defensive driving when heading out for the holiday. This is because many drivers can make unpredictable movements, potentially forcing other motorists to make split-second decisions.

Be vigilant about road conditions
The weather has a tendency to get difficult during the latter part of the year, and depending where a driver is headed, problems can arise. Being mindful of a few conditions can be helpful.

  •  Slippery roads - Whether it is rainy, icy or snowing, drivers need to watch out for the potential of roads not being in their best condition. Driving slowly and keeping eyes on other drivers may help ensure that they will get to their destinations safely.
  • Foggy conditions - Low visibility can be frustrating, and it can increase the likelihood of an accident. Because of this, keeping a distance from other drivers may help.
  • Cold temperatures - Another notable issue when preparing to drive is dealing with colder temperatures. Letting vehicles warm up before hitting the road can prevent unnecessary wear and tear on the vehicle's battery and engine.

Ensure vehicle is road ready
Drivers can benefit from checking multiple aspects of their vehicles to ensure they are ready to take on the task of heading on a long trip. Keeping these tasks in mind before driving on an excursion may help everything go more smoothly.

  • Check tire pressure - When headed out on a road trip, it is important to ensure that tire pressure is sufficient. This can help prevent a blow out while going a long distance.
  • Keep gas tank filled - Having a gas tank that is filled regularly is important when driving. It is not a good idea to risk running out of gas and getting stranded, so avoid traveling on empty at any point, if at all possible.
  • Consider car insurance options - Drivers also can benefit from looking for a stronger auto insurance policy before they head out on the road for a long trip. Examining the available options may not only help a person find something less expensive, but this could help get the right coverage needed to deal with the many dangers on the road.

If a driver takes the time to ensure their vehicle is prepared to make the trip, they may get to and from their destination safely, and enjoy their time doing it.

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