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7 Easy Steps Towards Cheap Car Insurance

7 Easy Steps Towards Cheap Car Insurance

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Many drivers think general auto insurance is a fixed cost that they have to pay every month, but this isn't necessarily the case. If you are a safe driver, you may be able to get cheap car insurance just by calling your car insurance company and asking about a safe driver discount. While we know there are some vehicle factors that could drive up your insurance rates, we've put together a short list of seven steps you can take to reduce you car insurance premium without much hassle:

1. Take a driver's education course
Getting cheap car insurance is all about being a smaller risk to your car insurance company. If you are willing to take the time out of your schedule to take a driver's education course, it could make you a safer driver and show your insurance provider that you are responsible, meaning that you could be offered a discount, according to Get Rich Slowly.

2. Raise your deductible
A deductible is the amount you would pay out-of-pocket, up front for the damage to your car after an auto accident. Raising your deductible is a bit of a risk, but if you are confident that you are a safe driver or don't drive very often, it might make sense to pay smaller premiums by accepting a higher deductible.

3. Consider how many miles you drive
Part of the cost of your car insurance is calculated by the number of miles you drive every month. If you recently moved to a location where you drive less, for example, you should call your insurance company and let them know so that you can qualify for smaller premiums, says Bankrate. A good way to lower your monthly mileage - and save on gas - is to start carpooling to and from work.

4. Pay annually
If you can save up enough to pay annually or bi-annually, you could be saving your car insurance company money in administrative fees, which they may pass on to you. Plus, by paying your auto or life insurance premium in full, you won’t have to worry about remembering to make a monthly payment. Most companies also charge a monthly transaction fee, so if you pay in full, you could actually end up saving money in the long-term. 

5. Ask for a credit check
If you have been paying your bills on time, your credit score could have gone up. Some insurance providers may be more likely to give cheap car insurance to customers with better credit scores, so call your provider and ask them to run a credit check on you.

6. Combine policies
If have multiple life insurance policies with various insurers, you could be losing money. For instance, if you have a homeowner's policy with one company and a motorcycle policy with another, you could be missing out on a bundling discount. Plus, with separate policies and insurers you could be paying multiple transactional fees if you pay your premiums by month, as opposed to annually.

7. Remove unnecessary coverage
If you need cheap car insurance, it is important to have exactly the coverage you need. For example, if you don't ever a rent car, you probably don't need rental insurance. Another product you could probably do without is standalone towing. It is often included in roadside assistance programs, which will offer you the best value for your money and tend to include much more extensive roadside protection. 

The best way to get cheap car insurance is to be a safe driver. That means doing your best to avoid an auto accident, never driving under the influence, and resisting distractions while driving. Avoid accidents and you'll find that your car insurance quotes are significantly lower.

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