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5 Spring Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

5 Spring Motorcycle Maintenance Tips

After a long winter, we know you’re ready to get back out on the road without having to don all that heavy winter wear.  But before you take to the road again, make sure your bike is in road-ready condition.  Here is a handy motorcycle spring maintenance checklist to get you started so you can ride safely.

1. Change Your Fluids

First, check on all the necessary fluids that keep your bike running smoothly.  Look for leaks, change the engine oil (if you didn't already before you put your bike away for the winter), then top up these fluids or change them if they have gone bad over the winter:

  • Gear oil
  • Hydraulic fluid
  • Shaft drive oil
  • Coolant
  • Battery fluid

2. Check the Battery

The cold can be hard on your bike’s battery.  To prepare for your first post-winter ride, make sure your battery is still in good condition.  The terminals should be clean, and their connections should be secure.

3. Check Your Controls for Winter Wear

Cold temperatures can really do a number on motorcycle parts, so do a thorough inspection of all remaining parts of your bike before you take it out.  Be sure you check your:

  • Hoses for cracks, bulges, or leaks;
  • Throttle for smooth movement;
  • Cables for damage like kinks or fraying;
  • Levers and pedals for breaking or bending.

4. Inspect the Chassis

Last, check the frame of your bike for damage or maintenance. Make sure the:

  • Frame has no cracking or dents;
  • Forks and shocks are adjusted correctly;
  • Belt and chain have the right amount of tension;
  • Teeth are mounted correctly;
  • Fasteners are tight.

5. Update Your Motorcycle Insurance 

If your bike and its riders aren't fully covered by motorcycle insurance, think twice about riding. Uncovered bikes and riders could end up paying a hefty chunk of change in the event of an accident or property damage.  Plus, states have laws about certain coverage limits, and failing to meet them can put your freedom to ride in jeopardy.  Fortunately, cheap motorcycle insurance can still be quality motorcycle insurance.  Choose a motorcycle insurance policy that covers exactly what you need and leaves out the unnecessary coverage.  If you have a lot of custom parts or accessories, make sure those are included in your coverage.  If you frequently ride with a passenger, think about getting insurance that covers motorcycle guest passenger liability.  In an emergency, the right coverage can make all the difference.

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