10 Reasons Moms Rule

You know your mom is awesome. Sometimes, though, it can be difficult to pin down exactly why she's just so magnificent. This Mother's Day, use our helpful list to put your appreciation into words. Here are 10 reasons moms simply rock! 

1. They care about life's troubles, however big or small.  Stub your toe? Relationship trouble? Pass your test? Land the job? Moms care about the little losses, the big victories, and everything in-between. 

2. They drop what they're doing to take your call. No matter how busy she is, mom will answer your call whether you need advice or just want to chat about your day. 

3. They're always prepared. Need a pen? Ask your mom. Hungry for a snack? Ask your mom. Spill something on your brand new shirt? Your mom will know what to do.

4. They know your history. She was there for your very first breath and she's been there for every breath since. Your mom is the one person you never have to tell your backstory. 

5. They're your cheerleader...for life! Whether you're learning to ride a bike or preparing for your first job interview, mom is always there to give you a pep talk!

6. They're not afraid to be honest. When you've made a questionable fashion or dating choice, you know she'll be the first to let you know. Moms offer the best advice because they truly want the best for us. We forget; they've been there too!

7. Their hugs are, hands down, the best. When you're feeling down, there's nothing more comforting or reassuring than your Mom's warm embrace.

8.They put their family first. If you asked, she'd give you the last bite of dessert, the coat off her back, and the last hours of her day. Moms are truly the definition of selfless. 

9. They love unconditionally. A mother's love is simply unconditional. They have a knack for seeing the best in their children, and even when the worst comes out, they keep on lovin'.

10. They'd do anything to give you a better future.  Mom is always looking ahead to see what she can do to protect and provide the best for her family. Whether the car needs an oil change before you embark on your summer road trip or you need help establishing a college savings fund, your Mom knows just how to handle the situation. Moms are the ultimate protectors; many even plan beyond their own life on this earth and choose to purchase an affordable term life insurance policy, which could help cover her funeral expenses or contribute to your budding college savings fund. The selfless woman that she is, Mom makes sure you’re protected, even when she’s not there to see it. 

This Mother’s Day, celebrate your mom and let her know exactly how much she means to you. Your gesture doesn’t have to be grand. She’ll love you regardless! Head over to our Facebook page to let us know how you’ll be showing your mom some love this Mother’s Day! 

10 Reasons Moms Rule
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