Let the Competition Begin


Think your driving skills are top notch? Prove it! DirectDrive is a free app that helps you monitor and improve your driving behaviors while competing against other drivers in your state. The better you drive, the more points you receive, and the higher you'll go on the leaderboard. 

How it Works

The DirectDrive app provides you with real-time feedback on your braking, acceleration, and speed. Do you often find yourself slamming on the brakes? Or do you quickly accelerate when the light turns green? If you tend to brake hard and accelerate fast, the DirectDrive app won't be awarding you many points.

On the other hand, smooth braking, along with easy and even acceleration, will warrant you the most points in the DirectDrive app. After each trip, review on the app to see where you can improve your technique. You'll accumulate points with each drive that you log, as well as earn achievement medals for things like logging a certain number of drives in a day and staying within the speed limit.

How to Start Competing

You don't need to be a Direct Auto Insurance customer to start competing against other drivers in your state. Download the DirectDrive app in the Apple App Store or in the Android App Store and create an account within the application. Although we encourage you to create an account, it is not required in order to log trips and receive driving feedback. A few features (such as Trip History, Leaderboards, and Achievement Medals) are only available to those with a registered account. If you choose to create an account, you can then check your position on the Leaderboard from the Main Menu.

Other DirectDrive Features

In addition to receiving actionable, real-time driving tips, you’ll be able to keep track of the miles you travel, the duration of your trips, the routes you take, and the points you receive for each trip. Then, share your best drives on Facebook and Twitter!


You can also use the app to find your nearest Direct Auto location, get a quick and free insurance quote , and connect with everyone’s favorite driver, J.J. Hightail, on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re a current Direct Auto policyholder, you can easily pay your monthly bill right from your phone. 

Bonus Feature Just for Direct Auto Customers

For a limited time, Direct Auto Insurance customers could also receive cash by volunteering to participate in the DirectDrive Focus Group Study. * This beta test allows active policyholders to volunteer to “test drive” the app and earn money that can be accrued and applied to their registered policy, or redeemed for a check when the beta account is $25.00 or more. To get started:


  • Download the DirectDrive app on your iPhone or Android. 
  • From the Main Menu, select Account. Click 'Yes' when asked if you're a current policyholder.
  • Select Rewards from the Main Menu. Enter your policy number, effective date, and state.
  • Read and accept the Terms and Conditions.
  • Start driving and start earning! It's that easy.

Compensation will be recorded under the Rewards option on the Main Menu of the DirectDrive app. Compensation can be redeemed in the form of a check or can be applied to your monthly payment. 

Download the DirectDrive App Today!

Download the DirectDrive app today to start competing with other savvy motorists in your state and discover how it pays to be a safe driver! Or, click to learn more .


*Participation in the DirectDrive Focus Group Study is strictly voluntary and subject to the DirectDrive terms and conditions . To learn more about the terms and conditions specific to the Focus Group Study, click here . The study is for a limited time and will close no later than December 31, 2014. Direct reserves the right to terminate the study at any time without notice, but will pay any consideration earned up to date of termination. Void where prohibited.

Let the Competition Begin!
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