6 Ways to Stay Cool on the Road without A/C


This summer, stay cool and save money by turning off the A/C in your car. According to the Society of Automotive Engineers , if you're driving under about 45 mph, running your A/C could actually decrease your car's fuel efficiency. 

When you're bopping around town with the windows down, here's how to stay cool and save money doing it! 

Bring a spray bottle containing ice and water. Have a passenger mist your arms and face to keep you cool, or mist yourself before you head down the road. Many big box retailers also carry spray bottles with built-in fans.

Keep a small cooler of frozen wash rags or bandannas in your car . Wrap the wash rags around your neck and dab your face to lower your overall body temperature.

Drive during the cooler parts of the day. Leave earlier in the morning to avoid standstill, breeze-less traffic, but also to avoid the brunt of the sun. 

Park in the shade and leave your windows about an inch open. According to the National Weather Service , a dark dashboard or seat can easily reach temperatures in the range of 180 to more than 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Ouch! Leaving your windows cracked will help hot air bubble out of the car, making the cabin a little more tolerable. A dashboard sunshade could also keep your car’s interior a few degrees cooler, as it reflects and blocks out the sun’s rays.

Buy a small, portable fan. Check your local auto parts store for a 12 volt fan that will clip onto your visor, sit on your dashboard, or clip onto the door of your car. The fan will help circulate the air while driving and help you feel cooler. It's illegal in some states to put a fan on your dashboard, so check your local laws before you install one. 

While staying cool, don't forget to stay safe. Have a passenger reach for the bandannas in the cooler and keep your eyes on the road at all times. If you plan to keep your A/C off to increase your car's fuel efficiency this summer, head over to our Facebook page and tell us how you're staying cool!


June 2014
June 2014
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