Old Van Overhaul: Revamp the Family Car for Father’s Day


As Father’s Day approaches, we’ve got our eyes on the family car.  Though many dads might prefer a zippy sport car or a sleek luxury vehicle, that dream car is often sacrificed in the name of family practicality. To show your appreciation, here are 4 things you can do to give Dad the royal auto treatment this Father’s Day.

1. Connect his music

Whether he's driving to work or toting the family to summer activities, Dad should have a way to listen to his favorite music on the go. There are a number of ways you can update the family car to play Dad's music through his mp3 player or smartphone. If the car has a tape deck, use an mp3 cassette adapter; if the car has an auxiliary input connection, a simple connector will do; if you want to go all out, get him a wireless dashboard deck that plays music from a smartphone, mp3 player, or USB player.

2. Clean the car

One of the biggest favors you can do for Dad is clean the family car. Wash it inside out and out, from floor mats to bumpers to dashboard.  Vacuum everything, and remove all those pesky remnants of very long car trips.  Your dad—and the car’s upholstery—are sure to thank you.

3. Offer him a tune-up

It's the little things that make a difference on Father's Day. Have some of the family car's basic maintenance taken care of so he doesn't have to worry about it. Take the car to the service station to have the air pressure checked, the windshield wiper fluid topped off, the oil changed, and the air filter changed. If there's a road trip on the family's horizon, consider getting the tires rotated as well.

4. Go big or go home

Want to really impress Dad? Spring for new rims, a new paint job, or even a custom paint job. Just remember, if the car ends up extra tricked-out, he could have to purchase  non-standard auto insurance for high-value vehicles.

5. Give him an experience he'll remember

When the car is good and clean, considering chauffeuring Dad to a local car show. A quick online search will turn up everything from truck show calendars to antique cruise-in schedules. These events are often free and could make for a fun and relaxing Saturday afternoon! 

What are you doing for your Dad's car this Father's Day? Share your tips with Direct General on Facebook and Twitter ! Still need gift ideas for the car lover in your life? Check out these affordable and easy gifts for your car enthusiast

Old Van Overhaul: How to Revamp the Family Car for Father’s Day
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